Save - Ambient - Vacation - Everywhere

"I spent long time of my life among the most beautiful beaches in the world and there's no greater joy than walking barefoot on the clean sand."

"The sea covers 71% of our planet and it is the second lung of the earth.
Taking care of it is a bit like embracing the world.
Let's start from us!"

Benny Dupré Pulga


"Smoking is a free choice,
respect is the free consequence.
Preserve the planet our own responsibility!"

"Our sea doesn't smoke but breathes!"

Stefano Pulga



To preserve the environment with a smart, practical, innovative and dynamic object we introduce you: SAVE

It's handy and easy to move.
Fully eco-friendly and made with totally recycled material. It can be used everywhere in all the world’s beaches.


Born to safeguard our planet and the environment we live in.
It shows up with a smart and cute design with bright and glossy colors.
It is composed by two elements: a container and one extractable net.
It's standard size makes it easy to place SAVE directly on the sand.
It lends it's versatility both on format and the color customization.
Light, handy and easy to carry, you can take it with you anywhere.


SAVE is simple and functional:
I bring it with me on the beach or in a Beach Resort.
I just have to fill it with sand and use it for my entire stay to the sea.
Finally, at the end of the day, simply extracting our net and…voilà!
All the cigarette butts will be separated and ready to throw away.
The clean sand is ready to return to the beach and, of course, our SAVE is happy and ready to be used again.


Safeguarding and protecting our planet and the beauty of our seas, the beauty of our beaches and territories.
Eco-sustainability while respecting the environment and protection of marine faunal and floral species.

Save your Ambient your Vacation Everywhere!